Manchester United Seattle Tour 2011

24 thoughts on “Manchester United Seattle Tour 2011

  1. i’m sorry and what team do you support? how many titles have your team won? well Man Utd won 19 titles, so if you don’t mind keep the comments to yourself asshole

  2. Scum What the hell, You wouldnt EVER see city let random people get on the team tour bus, NEVER nor would you see any other club do this, Because of there ego’s I mean city full of fucking ego’s Even liverpool to a point..and there fans thinking they are a top club, Chelesa are just fucking mereceny, Arensal..can;t keep hold of there “big” star players so nobody wants autographs from them, 19 TIMES LET THAT RING IN YOUR EARS 

  3. Omg this takes the piss i am a season ticket holder go to every home game and there is u one game and the fucking bus stop 4 u. why cant it stop 4 me haha played

  4. the guy on the camera is so plesent and didn’t seems shy to talk at all i would be shitting myself

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