Manchester United – Remember The Name

25 thoughts on “Manchester United – Remember The Name

  1. You’re american and a man city fan lol? were you a city fan 12years ago when they were in the 2nd division or only a fan since the takeover? let me guess the second one. go watch baseball or something faggot.

  2. heres something to piss you manchester united fans … glory glory man city!!!!!! trolololololollololoolol

  3. I remember you that we were talking about Manchester United and Manchester Shitty. Not about your telepathic beating up… or your age will be your only argument?? I see you have no words instead threaten people you will ever see in your fucking life. Tell me more about your loved team’s story. Is there enough space here to talk about it?????

  4. No. In fact, I’m saying your arguments are too childish (that’s why you seem to be a 9 o 8 years old)…. You say you used to be a fan of a team, but you changed to a small team without history only because you were disappointed, and then you talk about me thinking that you know me and you want to kick my ass??? LOOOL!!!! how are you gonna do it?? online?? a bluetooth-ass kicking??? HAHAHAHAHA YOU ARE SO RIDICULOUS AND HILARIUS are you a clown?? Who lost his arguments in first place??

  5. aw look at you.. you dont know how to defend your self so you go after 9 year old so yea if i find you, me “15” will fucking kick you ass cuz it seems to me you like bullying smaller people. what are you 20 and you still live with your parents so you decide to bully 9 year olds to make you dad proud? hahahahahahaha

  6. hahahaa you say you can beat me up without even knowing my name and where I live??? WOW!! you are more stupid than what I thought

  7. boi im 15 i have my own shit. i can fucking kick your ass so hard i swear it’ll come out your throat! hahahaha i bet you were getting ready to look cool cuz you thought i was 9 hahaha go kill yourself. are you trying to make fun of 9 year old hahahah go fucking pick on someone your own age.. oh wait you cant because you can get your ass kicked easily haha your pathetic you know what made you pathetic? manchester united did. haha yeah im 15 not 9 and you must now be scared cuz youre pathetic

  8. LOL!! how old are you?? 9??? stop using your mom’s computer to watch united videos and watch shitty’s or they don’t have any??? that’s because they don’t have history. In one season united won more titles than city in their all existence. United is red, and you better deal with it!!

  9. Fuck You Man !!… You just have fucking arab money by your side… Its not Fucking Football !!… No Pleasure just money !!… SO Bitch off man with your Fucking City !!….

  10. I am not proud to say that i used to be a manchester unite fan. manchester united is the most pathetic team that i have ever like. since they are so pathetic that i hate them so much no i am a manchester city fan because they dont fucking disappoint so go fuck yourself manchester united and all the damn man u fans go be the most pathetic fans in the world

  11. well if you’ve been to old trafford more than 30ish times than yes you have been more than me. A chelsea fan calling me a glory hunter lmao… chelsea fan since 04 eh? chelsea 01/02 & 02/03 average attendance 39,500 you didn’t even fill you’re stadium before roman.

  12. The same as it always has been as well as some of the best away support in the country ,its called passion mate hard for you lot to understand but its part of football. look at Old Trafford.. 75,000 customers not fans at least Man City has an atmosphere. and talking about attendance I bet ive been to Old Trafford more times than you, you glory hunting mug

  13. What a cheap video for cheap plastic fans 99.9% of you are probably from London and have never been to a game in your lives, (don’t blame you your atmospheres shit) glory hunters.. you know its true

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