Manchester United – Ajax (Feb 23, 2012)

24 thoughts on “Manchester United – Ajax (Feb 23, 2012)

  1. 4:35 United ‘Red Issue’ fanzine seller sticking up his fingers at the
    camera haha

  2. I love the generic way football fans everywhere give the ‘wanker’ sign or
    the finger

    presumably 99% of the males are ‘wankers’!

    Ajax have a good support with a good voice. ive seen them a few times in
    the arena and in Glasgow. they are a lot better than most clubs regarding
    creating an atmosphere
    My only issue with them is their hooligans attacking anyone! a firm should
    just fight with opposing forms and not guys with scarfs on supporting their
    team.Ajax are bad fgor this. In glasgowand Manchester they were attacking
    small groups of people with no interest in fighting

  3. a shame that ajax destroys stuff, for the rest, i love it! ( im a ajax fan
    myself )

  4. The English support is great but not 410 Ajax Amsterdam style! Bitchas! But
    Argentinian support a la boca juniors where the entire stadium jumps is
    beyond all of us.. Lets admit that!

  5. Ajax have the best away following I’ve ever seen at a football game. I was
    at Old Trafford for this one and they just never stopped singing.

  6. These European teams come here now and think they are getting a result!!!
    where were you 20 -25 yrs back when we ruled the world at soccer thuggery??
    pre and post heysel apart from feyernoord at spurs you were too scared too
    come here FACT MCFC M20.. Youse are behind the times footy thuggery isn’t
    happening here anymore. which is a shame coz football is sterile shite now
    without us

  7. 0:36 die jongen komt me bekent voor uit een andere video dat zijn vader
    zegt ik citeer: hij *wijst naar zoon* maakt betere videos dan jouw.

  8. Tijdens de wedstrijd geweldig, daarbuiten ronduit achterlijk. Wat een
    stelletje mongolen in die bus zeg…

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