Manchester United 2011 USA Tour – Rio Ferdinand’s Video Blog Part 1/2

22 thoughts on “Manchester United 2011 USA Tour – Rio Ferdinand’s Video Blog Part 1/2

  1. Rio has seen better days! even in terms of his performances..Id love to see phil jones as the 1st choice with Rio as a mentor and to fill in during some games. I Just dont see Rio stretching to make last ditch challenges, or sprinting at full speed to reach the likes of tevez, messi or ozil. Have you seen Jones play – he has attributes from Rio, Vidic and carragher put together.

  2. Shut up. Most footballers start to get frequent injuries as they get older, it’s not their fault, the thing that matters though is Rio consistently puts in good performances when he is on the pitch. He’s one of the best defenders the club has had, so your last comment is a load of shit, he’s earned the right to see out his career at United.

  3. Rio honestly stop this jive and start playing football! as i die hard united fan his injuries are becoming to frequent and he is a bit of a liability! If he didnt have that personality in the dressing room he wouldve been out of united a year or 2 back!

  4. Are yout better than Wazza? Nani “wa- Wazza? ” HAHAHAHAHA NOBODY IS BETTER THAN WAZZA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. He is WHITE Trash, And his actual mother is White and so is his grand parents so its first generation Dumb Ass. You say he is Black ???????? hahahahahaha you,re very SICK. He doesnt even look like Akon, He is a White English bastard. Anton and Rio Ferdinand are both WHITE Eglish bastard cunts just like there White English mother and White English Ancestors that went around colanizing half of the world

  6. do his mom nd dad nd grandparents look white.who cares if way back he had a couple of white ancestors 100 years ago the point is HE IS BLACK.(i bet ur from the USA where u refer to football as soccer)

  7. His Ancestors are White Dumb Ass. And his first and second names are English too. He is the OffSpring of White English Colanizing Kings and Queens.

  8. Yes they are both White Trash English cunts. Just look at Rio with his Bright skin and European facial features, He looks more Spanish or Italian but he is still White Trash just like his White British colanizing Ancestors.

  9. Its just the truth asshole, Anton and Rio Ferdinand are both White English Bastards..

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