Manchester United 1 QPR 4

16 thoughts on “Manchester United 1 QPR 4

  1. and for my 70th we lost to Blackburn 3-2…so what…I still have 19 more than you all do.
    – Sir Alex Ferguson

    Good comeback, Fergie; however, while the trophy is still in town, it’s nowhere near you…but you are still the greatest domestic manager ever…no frontin.

  2. NOW bunch of RED WANKERS want QPR to beat the BLUES.
    WE are QPR ..we will win at the ARAB STADIUM, but United will not win against Sunderland

  3. Dennis Bailey still the last man to score a hat trick at Old Trafford and be on the winning side (Real Madrid lost 4-3 when Ronaldo scored his and the last one to date).

  4. How the FUCK did we lose 4-1 at home to QPR? I mean What the FUCK. We should have lost by more too.

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