Man utd Vs Chelsea 3-3

Assault, Assault Movie Score: four / 5



  1. That was all Le Saux!!

  2. Le Saux was such a great left back!!! Best left back in the Premier League
    in the 90s in my opinion! Even when he was a veteran he was still quality,
    you don’t see many full backs that are both great at attacking or
    defending, but Graeme Le Saux was definitely one of them.

  3. LE Saux legend

  4. waynemiguelrooney

    manchester is the best

  5. Le Saux also made goals, scored goals, and he was a free kick specialist
    too, and he took corners, and he was much quicker than Irwin, and he could
    also play on the left wing as well as left back. And sure, Irwin did have
    more medals, but Le Saux still won the league with Blackburn, and with
    Chelsea he won the UEFA Cup, FA Cup, League Cup, UEFA Super Cup, a pretty
    decent CV if you ask me.

  6. Michael John Henry Rose

    it is bluryy

  7. Nope, Dennis Irwin was the best 90’s left back in the PremierLeague. Both
    footed, made goals, scored goals, free-kick and penalty specialist, good
    discipline, many winners medals etc… Fair enough you said in your opinion
    but what did Le Saux have that Irwin didn’t in your opinion? and how many
    of Irwin’s attributes did Le Saux have?

  8. who else thought this was the game at Stanford Bridge this season?

  9. wrestlemaniax18

    le saux!!!

  10. Smiffyalltheway

    i have this video, and all the rest of them MUFC

  11. oh i remember this moment Le Saux Rock!!!!!

  12. Niall Pilkington

    All Le Saux! The goal line clearance especially was immense.

  13. 0:25 clumsy linesman

  14. wow.. Tore Andre Flo with 1 assist, and 2 goals.. That is not bad!!

  15. and Irwin was also a good defender I shall add.

  16. Le Saux, what a player, a chelsea legend!

  17. Абылай Манчестер

    классный матч был

  18. He was indeed, Le Saux, Irwin and Winterburn were all outstanding in this

  19. Lau sack beast

  20. Heroic play by Le Saux.