Man utd vs Arsenal- FA Cup 1999 Semi-Final Replay

23 thoughts on “Man utd vs Arsenal- FA Cup 1999 Semi-Final Replay

  1. Exactly , Man u where and still Legends , oh and do us a favour if Chelsea can’t win the Premier league FUCK UP MAN CITY PLEASE .

  2. anyone else get goosebumps hearing Andy Grays explanation of giggy’s goal? Bring Gray back!

  3. What has messi got to do with this???? Giggs and messi two total different era’s, two total different styles of play, it’s frankly pathetic to compare these two players

  4. “Arsenal on the brink of Wembley…and they’ve been turned away by the hands of the great Dane”
    Classic commentary.

  5. Before this last minute penalty, Bergkamp missed 3 of his last 5 penalties. How the hell Arsene Wenger could allow him to take the penalty is beyond belief! If it was Overmars or someone else taking the penalty it could have been different..

  6. Why can’t they still hold FA Cup semi finals at neutral venues?Makes it more special and makes Wembley more special too.

  7. What scenes after the whistle, we still hadn’t won anything yet that season 🙂

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