Man Utd v QPR Review 14/15

25 thoughts on “Man Utd v QPR Review 14/15

  1. Di maria meant the goal cuz he said that in his post match interview and
    van gaal said it as well that he made it in training

  2. It was one fucking game!! Calm down!! It was QPR for fuck sake! Even
    Tottenham won 4-0 against them -.-

  3. In my opinion, United’s best 11 is a 4-4-2 diamond. De gea in goal of
    course, Rafael Jones Rojo Shaw in the defence. Blind acting as the cdm with
    Di maria left, Herrera right and Mata behind Rooney and Falcao. I think
    that would get the best out of everyone and all we’d be sacrificing is
    V.Persie and considering we only have 3 strikers in the squad (not
    including Wilson), one of that front three has to be dropped and In my
    opinion it should be pizzle. He’s a world class striker when fully fit and
    in form, but Rooney offers more to the TEAM, whilst Falcao is a goalscoring
    machine. Having Mata in ACM also offers balance to the team and an
    excellent player on the ball. 

  4. I was right with the formation 😀 Soooo basically im a step ahead of LVG,
    maybe i should be Uniteds manager… Ill definitely do a better job than
    Moyes xD

  5. I don’t wanna take away the brilliance with which United played and the
    quality of the new players- but comeon, it’s only QPR. I think we need to
    see what the new look team pulls off against the top team before Man U fans
    can get exited.

  6. Great review Curtiz. But just picking up three points now when they really
    should’ve been picked up against all three other teams (Swansea,
    Sunderland, Burnley) will hurt United when the start to play against the
    man Citys and Chelseas of the league. Great review of the game though, keep
    up the great work.

  7. it was only qpr come on spurs beat thm 4-0 as well does tht mean spurs are
    gunna win the league lol 

  8. falcao is a good player but he does not have sense to play as he is selfish
    and knows to score from headers he cant put good pass or assist

  9. Curtis. How would you feel if Manchester United did a cash plus swap deal.
    Juan Mata for Kevin Strootman plus cash?

  10. #SevenShow. Thought on Shinji Kagawa’s transfer and his performance at

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