Man Utd- The Greatest Attacking Force

25 thoughts on “Man Utd- The Greatest Attacking Force

  1. Im an Arsenal fan an I remember I was always scared to death when we had to
    play United from 2007-2009. Rooney, Ronaldo and Tevez were an intimidating
    force, and ya, they usually beat us. United just really isnt that
    intimidating anymore. That still doesn’t stop them from beating us, though.

  2. Isn’t it strange how since the Argentinian one who shall not be named has
    become a worse player since he went to City? Clearly he needs an ATTACK. to
    support him.

  3. great vid tevin… ya dun kno dis wz add to my faves b4 i watch it lol- dis
    is eggy

  4. @2pacisthebest1 oh i was like wtf did dey really use those jerseys n i
    noticed dat wen madrid play friendlies they dont have da BWIN on their

  5. Tevez, Rooney, Ronaldo, Nani, Scholes, Vidic, Evra, Van der Sar, this was
    when we were untouchable

  6. rumours ronaldo is leaving real madrid, imagine, van persie
    ronaldo-rooney-valencia legendary attack.

  7. @ManCityRoxTS No its because i’m not a complete geek like you. Its spelt
    warrior retard.

  8. @777reddevilsnumber u only know how to scold people, keyboard worrior. ur
    channel sucks lol is empty shit like your house

  9. @2pacisthebest1 not really, it was in honour of the players from the munich

  10. Pff what the fuck is it with these Americans and Chuck Norris STFU. Dumbass
    American know nothing about FOOTBALL.

  11. @JamesCarrigan999 19 times premier league winners? What does that make the
    other teams in the league?

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