Man Utd agree £24m deal for Robin Van Persie

25 thoughts on “Man Utd agree £24m deal for Robin Van Persie

  1. i don’t know what you mean by ‘No.’ if you could add more detail that would be much appreciated.

  2. That’s what I’m saying if I supported Chelsea I’d be a glory hunter with their money whoring owners. I’d support them if I was born closest to them.

  3. still their are plenty of teams in london. and what happened to this talk being over

  4. Because I was born closest to it and live about 10 minutes away from emirates. I’m not a glory hunter like you.

  5. wow i love how you think you can tell me whether i’m a glory supporter or not. tell me why do you support arsenal?

  6. Man Shitty are like the richest club, they overspend all the time because they have never ending money, but even if they bought him I’d still classify it as overspending, it’s the fact that he’s 29 and injury prone.

  7. You’re not born in Manchester I’ve heard enough glory hunteeeerrrrr, don’t reply back please this talk is over.

  8. i will always support united, even if they somehow become crap. and anyone can have a favorite team and like other teams too. and its not like i’m talking shit about arsenal apart from when it comes to transfers. p.s i wasn’t born in manchester but i can have my opinion about what i like and what i don’t.

  9. And City Have spent about 430 million more than the fees they received for their transfers, They received about 70-85 mill from selling their players and they have spend about 500+ million on transfers. So City have spend fucking 430million pounds on players and that is called over spending?

  10. At the end of the day we are not like city spending all of their own money, We received 190 Mill by selling our players in the last 10 years, that includes Ronaldo, Beckham etc… But we spent 250 mill, So we have only over spent about 60 million money buying players, SO NO ONE CAN SAY WE SPENT A LOT ?

  11. True enough, but he would’ve been more tempted joining Man Shitty because they no doubt offered more money than we did, plus they just won the League !

  12. Are you even born in Manchester? or are you a typical glory hunting fan like most Man U fans these days… the fact that you even said Arsenal are my 5th favourite team is telling me you have poor concept over football.

  13. @Gunner74100 Your not getting 24m your owners are and it isn’t going to be spent on any major transfers as Podolski, Giroud and Cazorla were brought as they knew RVP would be sold…

  14. Now let’s get our fucking trophy back, fuck you arsenal. Boo hoo hoo

  15. You damn straight, I had Arsenal winning the Premier League before this, now I gotta wait at least a year or two

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