Man Utd 3 West Brom 5

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  1. Laurie Cunningham could’ve been a world great at Real Madrid when he left West Brom, but unfortunately, though he had some amazing games for the Spanish giants, he couldn’t quite establish himself.

    Really great player though. Kids today have no idea who he was..

  2. I think you’re reading too much into it. “Coloured” was the establishment word of choice throughout the 50s, 60s, 70s, and beyond, used by the BBC and the newspapers, and because of this people considered it a safe word to use. It had no baggage or connotations at the time. It has an interesting history and was “outlawed” only relatively recently. It only differs slightly from the presently acceptable “person of colour” in that the latter doesn’t “define” the person to whom it’s applied.

  3. “coloured front people” amazing how that was acceptable back then, thankfully we’ve moved away from that. Also i’m an albion fan.

  4. Does anyone else think it’s scary to think how much Cunningham and Regis would cost nowadays if you bought them as a pair…. Dam… I think we’ll need Bill Gates for this one.

  5. Ha nice spot, big Ron ( and we all loved him at the albion) has gone into some sort of “ALf Garnett ” mode over the last few years…… Anyway nice to know racism has been sorted out in football NOT!!!!!!!!!

  6. I’m sorry to say we would have only got 2 points for a win then. If we had three in that season, we have have been champions and not third, what a great team though

  7. WHAT A GOAL…………………………………..Unfortunately this is the greatest West Brom team ever, and by which I judge all Baggies teams…….but what great football, week in, week out and a joy to watch. Can we roll the clock back……….pleeeeease…..

  8. Gerald Sinstad was commentator, he couldnt really admit why Regis ,Cunningham and Batson were getting booed,, .. In the end when when we ripped them to shreds in the second half he almost said thats shoved it right up your racist backsides!!!! I was there that day and got to admit as we walked back to the train station i did have a great sense of pride with all the Albion fans, victory for attacking football and humanity….

  9. One of the coloured front people,cant believe the media vultures didnt bring this footage out when he lost his career with the racist stuff.

    Cunningham reminds me of Rual Fox (Norwich) would be worth £20M in todays market

  10. “Those days Manchester United wasn’t Manchester United.” spezzo
    so who the f**k were they? man city?
    i will never tire of watching that. Boing Boing Baggies.

    Broms second goal by Cantello was superb.
    If Brazil scored that they would be banging on about it for years.
    Thanks for posting.

  12. Not one of the best games in west bromwich albion’s history. One of the best games in the history of football! absolutely fantastic game and we deserved those 3 points, but also credit to bailey, he was a great keeper in his time. Still brings a tear to my eye when i see this game. West Bromwich Albion will always be in my heart <3

  13. you do know we are playing the san jose earthquakes in the summer right? You should go see it it’s in california (you probably already knew that lol) 🙂

  14. I also saw this match on Swedish television that was shown in the program Tipsextra. I was 12 years then and it was the first time I saw WBA play. After that match, I got a favorite team that I still follow today. Tony Brown was my favorite player then (Becasuse his name maybe) 😉
    I want back Tipsextra to Swedish television!!!

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