Man Utd 2-0 Inter Milan (agg 2-0) 11 March 2009

25 thoughts on “Man Utd 2-0 Inter Milan (agg 2-0) 11 March 2009

  1. He was better at ManU as in RMA.. he will change his club cuz he’s sad playing @ RMA.. he never should changed to RMA.. ManU was so good with him, i bet they would win the CL Final against Barca 2011..

  2. In terms of dribbling and using tricks/skill etc, he was better with us. At Real, he turned into a more complete player.

  3. u should read his stats at Madrid and watch him. The BPL experience has made him a monster in that la Liga

  4. @Obexio88 fuker* stupid fuk, go fuk ur olive mum moron. england and germany are way better than italy the cunts. why dont you cry ass coz england recently beat ur italy ass.

  5. @Obexio88 hey u fuking italian oluve shut the fuk up. your “top italy teams” are shit and corrupt mother fujer

  6. are u still crying for the elimination on the european cup man ?! or maybe cuz we got 4 world cups while u just have one, that u stole ?!.. go back sleep now son of a bitch :)

  7. EPL have a lot great club,, ManU, Arsenal, Chelsea, Mancity, Liverpool, Totenham, Everton, many more

  8. Lol Italy is a shit hole, the footbal is crap and all u see is ac milan or juventus. It has a huge amount of match fixing and its boring as crap. The premier league has man u Liverpool arsenal chealsea newscastle. They have fantastic forien players like rvp shinj kagawa vidic and more. They are great English players like Rooney lampard terry Cole fedinand. I am a netural from Germany and support bayern Munich

  9. that’s true. that league is rigged. with that being said, italian players are better than english players. so are french, spanish, dutch, etc…english league is only good because of foreigners. this is a fact. the english NT is garbage. lol. so are the coaches..haha

  10. What is your point? Italy doesn’t even have a competitive league anymore, just a bunch of fixed matches from teams who can’t compete with the ENGLISH PREMIER LEAGUE.

  11. British People are ugly? hahahaha some dirty shit skinned Italian APE is calling the British race ugly? LOL

  12. barca = spain…real have spanish players as well. juventus…only have italian players. coincidence that italy and spain made it to the euro final. haha

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