Man United fan rings 999 demanding to speak with Sir Alex Ferguson

25 thoughts on “Man United fan rings 999 demanding to speak with Sir Alex Ferguson

  1. The crime is that Manchester United, Manchester United were absolutely
    knackered hahahahahaha lolollololo

  2. ” Hello, 999? I just witnessed a shootout! Luckily there were no victims,
    because not one of them could put a shot on target! ” Ahahahaha!

  3. You may laugh, but a few days later Man U bought Juan Mata, I hope more
    people phone in :P

  4. Apparently he rang the police out of desperation, he believed they would
    act & treat his concerns as an emergency situation, right or wrong, hats
    off to a true life time supporter of his beloved team… Manchester United!

  5. Finally man united are getting what they deserve i do love this drunken
    idiot lol hes really made my day pmsl. Other clubs are getting there very
    sweet revenge at last its a fair competition now. Come on you reds LFC
    whoop whoop

  6. Typical fucking retarded football fan..its only a game and your not playing
    in it so shut the fuck up.I fucking hate cunts that bang on 24/7 about how
    great their team is and how they seem to know better than the manager..go
    back to driving your forklift you mongoliod wank

  7. Worst fans on the planet. The slightest blip of form and they can’t cope
    with it. Glorified tramps who have had it easy over the years, now reality
    has finally hit.

  8. didn’t sound like a manc,but then none of them do,plastic pretend fans the
    lot of them.and a club with no soul

  9. United fans are tramps? Bit harsh isn’t it? United will bounce back that’s
    what we do, best team on the planet!! 

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