Liverpool new star Martin Kelly!!!

25 thoughts on “Liverpool new star Martin Kelly!!!

  1. is he a right back i would like to see him as a left back and bench the fuck fat bastard that is jose enrique

  2. He reminds me of a heat seaking missile the way he applies pressure to attackers, just look at what he does at 1:28, you can’t teach that; it’s just sheer grit and determination to close the man down. This lad has a very bright future, and if you ask me, this is the future captain of LFC.

    You’ll Never Walk Alone.

  3. liverpool players came to play….not sure what ur fucking mancs were doing out there…no way should that many have been on the team

  4. Piss off you fucking idiot are you really that stupid u man bastard ?????? wait n see ull be fucking loving him when he saves englands ass over n over again

  5. It might not have been the right word choice, but I’m pretty much trying to say that Richards’s “lack” of tactical awareness, composure on the ball, style of play, etc. might not suite Roy’s team sheet. Then again, the inclusion of Downing is appalling.

  6. A lot of people say Richards is better than Kelly, but I think it’s a little harder to judge. Richards has much better physical attributes, but I question his mental abilities. He seems to be the definition of brute force to win. While Kelly, decent all around, might not be as good as Richards, but might be more helpful to a manager who wants his players to follow instructions closely.

  7. @chrissyboythyer evra is a great full back dont get me wrong defensivly he is very shaky tho kelly is a better defender and also can attack evra is a great attacking full back , but kelly good to kelly is better i must admit evra is past his use by date 🙂

  8. Evra was quick and aggressive in the past , but he is old now…….. You can see that Kelly is actually a talented defender, that’s why he is called up by Hogson (Richards rejected the chance himself!! )

  9. You say he can go forward but in that video i did not see any evidence of him actually assisting anyone he just put in a half hearted cross and when he has the chance to go on and skin someone he just passes it back and that gives man u time to get players behind the ball.

  10. Evra is a million times better than Kelly!! Id rather have Evra in my team then kelly all day!!!

  11. being in a defensive position isnt easy, it takes time to mature and become good. martin kelly personally i feel that he should be central defensive and replace carragher. flanagan should take right back and he will be the next finnan. hope fully henderson will come good and be the next gerrard. liverpool have quite a few young talents but it takes time for them to come good. all we can do now is nurture them for now and reap the benefits later on.

  12. SORRY BUT KELLY HAS BEEN VERY DISSAPOINTING THIS SEASON. Last season (2010/11) I thought he would break through this season but he was awful against Swansea. JOHNSON ANY DAY.

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