Larsson Legends Hatrick 2011

25 thoughts on “Larsson Legends Hatrick 2011

  1. 242 goals in 315 games for glasgow celtic absolutaly incredible.fantastic player.a real legend.!!!!

  2. im a man u fan, and im just pleased i got to see him play in a united shirt even if it was a loan 😀 LEGEND

  3. I don’t care if this was a mickey mouse match seeing Henrik scoring in the green and white hoops brings the most childish grin to my face everytime I watch it, my hero when I was 6 and still my hero at 18

  4. hes always welcome at parkhead hel be talked about for years and il make sure my kids and grandkids and greatgrandkids know all about him…

  5. Would still be one of the greatest players in the world if he still played, HAIL HAIL KING OF KINGS

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