José Mourinho says that midfielder Juan Mata was himself responsible for Chelsea Exit

José Mourinho says that midfielder Juan Mata was himself responsible for the exit from Chelsea a few years ago. Mata has found himself playing under Mourinho once again.

The duo could not share a working relationship when they were at Chelsea. The manager ended up having the bigger say and Mata left the club for £ 37 million for Manchester United. The Spaniard’s biggest complaint was that Mourinho demoted him from being a first-team regular into a bit part player for no reason since his performances were still excellent.

Mata may not have been adefault first choice at Manchester United under Louis van Gaal, but he seems to be happy at Old Trafford. Now that Mourinho has become the new manager at United, it remains to be seen if Mata will remain at the club or demand a transfer. Mourinho was invariably asked about the future of the Spaniard. He says that he has no problem with Mata and it was the Spaniard who insisted that he left Chelsea and due to the lack of first-team action. Once again, he confirmed that he will not have any player in the squad who is not willing to stay. This is seen as an indirect confirmation that he would be ready to sell Mata if the player once again wishes to move.

“I sold because he asked for that. Nobody in my previous club wanted to sell or push him. He wanted to leave and my philosophy is I don’t want players that want to leave. I want players that want to come and want to stay. But I think since the first day everything is clear between us. There is space for him.He’s a talented player and I don’t promise places to anyone. I promise respect and I like him so if he wants to stay,” said Mourinho.