Ji Sung Park – 7 years with Man Utd // One last chance HD

25 thoughts on “Ji Sung Park – 7 years with Man Utd // One last chance HD

  1. Hi guys I am Park Ji Sung. I am writing this from China. Im getting ready for the chinese fifa cup

  2. Hello. ”Disgusting rage”? I only raged because Koreans were being offensive first. I only get annoyed at racist Koreans, I know that not all Koreans are racist and turn every subject to do with Japan into a matter of politics. I don’t judge people based on negative stereotypes. I judge who they are, not where they are from.

  3. Park was a quality player for us, no doubt. Hopefully Kagawa can emulate or even surpass his awesomeness. Park=Legend, Kagawa=Legend in the making. Come on you reds!!

  4. he is a great red devils soldier who fought and won many titles. we are always thankful to you.

  5. Everybody knows you never go full retard. But you just went full retard man. Never go full retard.

  6. hahahah kangawa is so much better then park but park is a very good footballer he will be miss at old trafford

  7. Park is a legend, and the greatest asian footballer of all time. I hope Kagawa will do the same in United.

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