Hitler reacts to Man Utd’s 6-1 defeat to Manchester City

23 thoughts on “Hitler reacts to Man Utd’s 6-1 defeat to Manchester City

  1. I never find these Hitler videos funny. I’m actually illiterate and my brother is writing this for me. What the flying whale is so funny about a movie scene of Hitler talking and then yelling?!?!?!11 Yawn.

  2. I have supported United since 1967 when I paid 1 and 6 (in Shillings and pence) to stand up on the Stretford End. 1s/6d is equivalent to 7.5 pence.
    I thought the sketch was brilliant especially the Gigsy lookalike

  3. Yes I’m top of the comments, this is my chance to I form the world…… Er…..peanut butter

  4. i knew it just another mad little kid that can’t let it go and had to reply , also i will not reply to anymore of your comments i tried to end this you carried on , ISSUES

  5. ok i’m tired of this confict so i’m ending it now , and by replying to this comment shows that you have issues.

    so do NOT reply unless you have issues

  6. Not really, you’re just illiterate and can’t use simple words without colloquial contexts…

  7. to clear things up with all YOU spellcheckers the “youth” of today use slang with is the use of informal words and expressions that are not considered standard in the speaker’s language or dialect but are considered more acceptable when used socially. Slang is often used as a euphemism and may use informal lexicon to identify with one’s peers.

    so don’t think we don’t know shit

  8. No they’re not ? i’ve not come across a city fan from anywhere outside of manchester and the city fans i’ve met go to games and have been for years. Alike myself. But then again, i’ve been going 9 years or so now, that makes me a glory hunter just because i support city…

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