Fifa 10 Man Utd Vs Real Madrid First Half

25 thoughts on “Fifa 10 Man Utd Vs Real Madrid First Half

  1. ADD me on psn Denizolivian. I have fifa 10 and uncharted 2. P.S. I can beat
    you at fifa with my eyes closed…

  2. mohr90 Fifa 10 is better then Pes 2010. At Fifa you have all teams……

  3. Raual scored a sexy goal i think i would be upset if i got scored on like
    that it was wonderful

  4. fifa games are always better in spanish settings becuz of the announcers.
    one reason is that wen its a goal they say goal and in spanish its
    gooooooooooooool goooooool goooooool

  5. Why are fifa games so hard? I haven’t had one since 06, but I have been
    working on Fifa 10 for a few months now, and just can’t play it, at all.
    Not sure if I’ve EVER scored a goal on it.

  6. I wish that they made the cpu have the characteristics of the players, like
    if the cpu gets the ball as ronaldo, he will try to run with it and make
    skill moves, not just pass it. I mean seriously, if you ever saw C ronaldo
    with a 1v1 in which if he gets by the guy he has essentially a goal, he
    would take it not pass it off…

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