Fernando Torres’ 81 Liverpool Goals 2007/2011 | QuickfireGoals Episode #7

25 thoughts on “Fernando Torres’ 81 Liverpool Goals 2007/2011 | QuickfireGoals Episode #7

  1. I rewatch this from time to time. Seems like he scored more goals against Chelsea than any other team.Lol irony.

  2. I think he would be happier if he stayed in liverpool. Even if they did not win any trophies.

  3. Sad that he is struggling so much now. He has gained a lot of weight and lost atleast a yard of pace. Thats whats preventing him from going past defenders nowadays. His movement seems so laboured. Hope he returns to this kind of form.

  4. Falcao is younger , hungrier and motivated. Fernando Torres , besides his knee problems , has won just about everything that a football player can win and dream of. At the age of 28 he’s still young , but im sure it’s very hard for him to find the motivation.

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  6. He looked fast & strong last night but he kept drifting out wide. Also, Luis was bought before Nando departed Anfield.

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