Eden Hazard I 2012-2013 I Chelsea FC I Be A King I

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  1. I can’t believe what I’m reading, only a Arsenal fan would even try and compare them. Also Cazorla isn’t all you have, Podolski is immense, Arteta has been sick, Gervinho/Ox/Walcott… Please explain what has made Cazorla better then Hazard/Mata this season? Mata has more goals, Hazard has the same amount, Cazorla almost has the same amount of shots as them both put together! He doesn’t compare to either on assists. They link up far better then any Arsenal players, so what makes him better?

  2. I can’t remember saying same, I said similar, and there are loads of players who play a similar style too him, and non have been better so far this season.

  3. nah im sorry man for me Cazorla has been the best player in the premier league this season…but the fact is he is all we got, you guys got numerous unbelievable players, mata and hazard are fantastic yes but not cazorla standard!!! but still haha you guys have the better team by far no doubt!!! i hope Cazorla and wilshere can combine like mata and hazard…they have the quality to go better but i just dunno after a year out!!! we wont come close to you this season haha…our transfer policy

  4. There’s no other players with the same style I guess, but there’s many players in the Prem who are better.

  5. And diving? He doesn’t dive lmao, watch Suarez, Young, Welbeck, Drogba etc. Thats diving. Hazard will probably win more Penalties than anyone this season, that’s because he draws fouls out of defenders not dives.

  6. You do realize Chelsea,United and City all offered the same amount of money to him, right? The reason he chose us was because we was a fairly old team looking to rebuild and play a new type of football and have good spirit. United on the other hand, look to be on the downfall, their big signings this season was RVP(has maybe 2 good seasons left in him) and Kagawa isn’t as good as Hazard and is older. Their most exciting “prospect” is Cleverly who is still considered a youngster despite being 23.

  7. Who is deluded, you or him? lol. It’s WCQ not the WC, players are always getting switched in and out in the Qualifiers, not to mention Di Matteo asked him to be left out of the team. He scores more, assists more, links up player better. At this moment in time there isn’t a better player in the Prem than him and Hazard in their position. Not only that but he’s 28 in December, Mata is 24, and is already better, imagine how much better he will be when he reaches his peak.

  8. lol Lucas is over rated. I’m not even going to compare Hazard to him and just say Oscar > Lucas Moura.

  9. What? Hazard and Mata have been better so far this season and are both a lot younger and not close to their peak, Cazorla has been sick but not as good and is at his peak. The only Arsenal midfielder that would get into our starting 11 would be Wilshere if he’s as good as he was before his injury.

  10. yeh bro, Cazorla is almost 28 years old and despite playing sick so far the only two midfielders/attacking mids that have clearly been better are Hazard and Mata who are 21 and 24. You can dream though.

  11. You just need a good team manager, Ronaldo was the same thing until Paulo Bento came in to the national team. Now he’s amazing

  12. yeah man, we have wilshere and arteta too 😉 but yeahh both very good midfields, Chelsea have just been a better unit this year so far!!! but yeah im taking nothing away from hazard top top top player, nearly cried when Wenger bailed on him last year but thats how it goes eyy!! Cazorla is just out of this world though

  13. Hazard is a much better passer and is a LAM while Ronaldo is a LW and scores goals more than setting up goals. Ronaldo doesnt have to defend as much as hazard either with real madrid and portugals 3 CDMs

  14. I know it’s crazy what I wrote, but definitely Eden Hazard is very very close to the technical qualities of C.Ronaldo, although it still has a long way to become more like him 🙂

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