Cristiano Ronaldo – 96M in 10 seconds

24 thoughts on “Cristiano Ronaldo – 96M in 10 seconds

  1. Not even a bad shot, he used his left leg, plus i doubt he was in complete balance after a run like that.

  2. he did this with 77 minutes of game in his legs! Now imagine if it was in the first 10m minutes…Bolt record would be beated for sure

  3. True, but I was comparing who is the fastest between Messi and Ronaldo, I mean you got a point there, but I was comparing their speed not their goals.

  4. Ja bym go nie porównywał Ronaldo do Bolta, bo w sprincie liczą się dosłownie setne sekundy i jakby ktoś nie zauważył to z czasem o 2/3 sekundy gorszym jest tysiące innych zawodników na całym świecie…

  5. Messi usually has the ball more often as well. Real Madrid are a better team than Barcelona, they’ve just been plagued with injuries this season.

  6. Cristiano Ronaldo ran 96 meters in 10 second !!
    Bitch please, it took Messi 10 seconds to run 64 yard with the ball managed to pass 6 players and scored.

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