Chelsea Youth v Man Utd Youth (H)(FA) 11/12

25 thoughts on “Chelsea Youth v Man Utd Youth (H)(FA) 11/12

  1. nah lad,our team last season was average.Rudge & Van Velzen were our sparkiest attackers,while Blackett was probably our best u18 player in the cup.Wilson,Daehli & Janujaz were excellent when on,but they were 15/16/15 respectively when competeting.Rest of the team won’t make the cut.We probably wont be great aswell this season,as Janujaz & Daehli will be in the reserves.Peireira & Wilson are to watch for.At least our kids get a chance in the 1st team.Piazon will be sittin with Lukaku probs now

  2. ima go to europe & go to chelseas academy & start my career from there hopefully & i’m only 13 . & i’m Like feruz ‘s playing style quick feet ,playmaker , Likes to score goals & give assist’s & i’m from the same country as him ..but i need to work on Lots of things.

  3. ima go to europe & go to chelseas academy & start my career from there hopefully & i’m only 13 .

  4. lol alot of Chelsea’s best players were barely 16.. Feruz 16, Swift 16, Baker 17, Ake 17.
    ..Just shows lack of knowledge how does age or physical ability help a team out pass their opposition 0_o lol

  5. utter rubbish, the oldest player on the team to the best of my knowledge is piazon, a little over 17. feruz is 16 and he was arguably the best player n the pitch if you don’t take piazon into account. so are you telling me utd only played with 14 and 15 year olds? the gulf in ability is clear over the two legs

  6. Nope they are not. The players that Man U have (Pogba and Co.) were the champions before this and they already graduated and are with the reserves. This academy team is a new batch of kids. Go to the Chelsea and Man U site for more info though. Everybody was writing off Man U this year because of their young age, but they exceeded expectations..

  7. Haha, utter rubbish! There’s hardly any age difference, and the Utd team is a lot bigger and stronger!

  8. Man U kids getting overpowered physically.. As well they should be, these chelsea kids are about 2 yrs older than them but they still played bravely.. Nobody thought Man U with, all these first yr kids, could go this far in the competition. Amazing young talents!

  9. Proud with the young devils..their spirits were amazing..they tried very hard to win that match despite just came back from AEGON Future Cup Tournament a day before the semis..both teams have very good young talents indeed..

  10. Thanks as always @eskweston ! cant wait for the home leg youth cup final against blackburn video! KTBFFH

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