Behind the Scenes Video – Making of Stars and Strikes

25 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes Video – Making of Stars and Strikes

  1. It’s always fun to see them act like complete asswipes because it makes them see more relatable.

  2. Hating on CITY…behave, City will never have a trophy cabinet like United. I see City fans at Old Trafford all the time wanking in our trophy room, wishing they could be like us!

  3. Yeah man City ”TOTALLY” owned the Permier League didn’t they, being the first EVER team to win it on goal difference and in the last minute of their finally game…And to say United haven’t spent nearly as much on players as Man City in the last 4 season AND was without the best defender (Vidic) in the league along side Kompany…Your ”really” did boss it didnt you! Come back when your more successful that Nottingham Forest!

  4. i Think Patrice Evra will come out on top because for me hes because he has the most ability with his technique and the way he strikes the ball 1:30 ahahah more like because hes BLACK

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