20 Goals That Shook the World 2/3 part2

23 thoughts on “20 Goals That Shook the World 2/3 part2

  1. Well, this IS an English programme, but still I think for videos that “shook the WORLD”, the choice of goals could be a touch more widespread. Nonetheless, interesting stories.

  2. the english can,t stand him it,s the scottish that love maradonna but the cheatin smackhead was worldclass

  3. I don’t understand why people, especially Englishmen, still love Maradona. He was a cheat through and through, not just drug-wise, his attitude on the pitch was disgusting. He was unbelievably cocky.
    That’s the main reason why Pele will always be better in my eyes, Maradona was an unbelievably amazing player, but an even bigger wanker.

  4. I always would hear people say “they kill players that mess up in South America” or slightly off people say ” they kill players in Brazil that mess up.” Now I know where that idea comes from. R.I.P. Escobar.

  5. wtf he inspired to win the whole team to win? ye nicely done, that now how you win a world cub LOL…. second of all… who takes advice or inspiration from some1 that cheats?

  6. Columbia?? are you kidding me? can you not spell it correctly on a major show? what a pisstake

  7. What did messi do for his country? Unlike messi, maradona inspired his whole team to win a world cup. While messi did nothing.

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