20 Goals That Shook the World 1/3 part1

25 thoughts on “20 Goals That Shook the World 1/3 part1

  1. Just the look on Denis Law’s face after the ball goes in, it’s like: “Oh God, what have I just done?”

  2. 14:19 Did someone smack Jimmy Glass in the nose? Because it looked like he was bleeding!!!

  3. what a shame that people give me that prides itself with the misfortune of others, that attitude is very sad

  4. “In fact, I have a Mensa-level IQ.” you are not just stupid but you are also deluded and blind

  5. No. In fact, I have a Mensa-level IQ. I’ve watched the highlights, and I don’t see anything. The only evidence that I do see is Lee Woon-Jae moving off his line early against Spain. And South Korea wasn’t responsible for Vieri’s miss, and Italy would have won if Seol’s goal hadn’t gone in. The Italians have no one to blame but themselves.

  6. are you that stupid ???? go watch the highlights on youtube and see how korea CHEATED , probably the clearest cheating done in football and thats why the referee was fired after the world cup 2002, watch the highlights …

  7. Have u seen how Korea played? They were fking hitting the players, injuring them and the ref and officials did nothing! U know why? Cause they were Koreans as well. They also did the same thing to Spain. They’re disgraceful to Football and they are the fking wankers. I had loads of respect for them until those disgusting games happened…

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