1985 FA Cup Semi Final Liverpool 2 Manchester United 2

24 thoughts on “1985 FA Cup Semi Final Liverpool 2 Manchester United 2

  1. Fuck off some of you with all your rivalry bollocks. This game’s been and gone, so just watch the vid and enjoy it for the great footy match it was, rather than talking about our clubs disasters and saying things like ‘our fans had you that day’ and vice versa like a bunch of immature knobheads.

  2. Such a shame a destructive drinking culture was acceptable under Atkinson. The United team of the mid-late 80s had some highly talented and classy players. Robson, Hughes, Whiteside, McGrath, Stapleton, Blackmore, Strachan were really classy when they turned on the style but that was very rare. So glad Sir Alex put an end to this because it was really holding us up. Should have won more with this team.

  3. No worries fella. It was a long time ago after all. ha ha. Great atmosphere at both Goodison Park and Maine Road that year, even if my team did end up losing the replay. Lol

  4. I think you meant 19 months mate. This game was in April 1985 and Fergie walked in to Old Trafford for the first time in November 1986.

  5. i agree the fa cup final should be wembley only, the semi final should be villa park, old trafford and places like that

  6. Was at both games for the Semi. Brilliant atmosphere at both games. Some people are fucking idiots.Throwing missiles that can kill kids, or slashing people with knifes is not hard and is less than moronic. United and Liverpool should know more about loss than most other clubs after Munich and Hillsboro. I joined the Army this year and met many a good scouser, Some of them hard bastards who would stick a stanley up your arse if you pulled one on them, But hoolies are not hard, just cowards.

  7. What a shame the FA Cup is no longer taken seriously by the big clubs now. What a game & what an atmosphere, was only 16 when this game took place. Why oh why play semi finals at soulless wembley, the tighter club grounds eg goodison, villa park by far the best for true football fans.

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