Robin van Persie • Manchester United • ‘Number Twenty’ [HD]

25 thoughts on “Robin van Persie • Manchester United • ‘Number Twenty’ [HD]

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  2. who cares. Piers Morgan is always talking shit. and so do all the other RVP haters and he shut all of them the fuck up by winning the title. and he just won the community shield so now he has 2 trophies since he left. his decision has been justified.

  3. There is actual proof of him sending said picture on twitter, but it doesn’t mean he’s classless, Piers Morgan gives RVP shit all the time on twitter and that picture is the only form of comeback RVP came back with, and it was a class act too, shows he does his talking through actual football, not bantering through social media.

  4. Great video! Check my compilations of Neymar, Zlatan, Balotelli, Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and van Persie too :)

  5. Do you realize that when rvp scored that goal in one of the games last season n he ran up to fergie to hug him fergie thought rooney was going to give him a hug n rooney gave him a handshake lol

  6. anyway, if you piers is a prick and he deserves it, he is always disrespectful towards the whole man utd team

  7. I will try to make one when I finished the other video’s I am working on and if I can find good HD clips.

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